Powers and Duties Powers and Duties

The Commission has the powers and duties to

  • Ensure that the human rights and freedoms provided for under the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia are respected by all citizens, organs of state, political organizations and other associations as well as by their respective officials;
  • Ensure that laws, regulations and directives as well as government decisions and orders do not contravene the human rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution;
  • Educate the public using the mass media and other means, with a view to enhancing its tradition of respect and demand for enforcement of right upon acquiring sufficient awareness regarding human rights;
  • Undertake investigation, upon complaint or its own initiation, in respect of human rights violations;
  • Make recommendations for the revision of existing laws, enactment of new laws and formulation of policies;
  • Provide consultancy services on matters of human rights;
  • Forward its opinion on human rights reports to be submitted to international organs;
  • Translate into local vernaculars, international human rights instruments adopted by Ethiopian and disperse same;
  • Participate in international human rights meeting, conferences or symposia.


Call 888  follow the Instruction then

Press 1  for government organizations ,then

Press 2 for non ministry offices, then

Press 8 for Ethiopian Human Rights Commission