Organizational Structure Organizational Structure

c) The Commissioner for Vulnerable Groups- is responsible for promoting and protecting the rights of women, children and other vulnerable group of the society.

d) Regional Commissioners- report to the Chief Commissioner. The Commissioners of branch offices act as "the superior head of a branch office.

In addition to exercising, within the local jurisdiction of a branch office, the powers and duties vested in the Commission, other than those specified under Sub- Articles (7) and (9) of Article 6 of this Proclamation; the Commissioner shall, as the superior head of a branch office, have the following powers and duties:

 1) To transfer a case from one investigation section or investigator to another or to conduct investigation himself, where it has a good cause;

2) To submit, to the Chief Commissioner, a detailed report on matters of human rights;

3) To direct and organize the branch office as well to administer its professionals and support staff, in accordance with directive issued by the Commission;

4) To effect payments in accordance with the budget allocated to the branch office;

5) To establish working relations, as a representative of the branch office, with Regional government organs and non-governmental organizations operating within the Region;

6) To perform such other activities as may be assigned to him by the Chief Commissioner.

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Call 888  follow the Instruction then

Press 1  for government organizations ,then

Press 2 for non ministry offices, then

Press 8 for Ethiopian Human Rights Commission