Commission Holds a Validation Workshop

Commission Holds a Validation Workshop

(Addis Ababa, April/2017) The Ethiopian Human Rights commission has conducted a one day workshop on April 7/2017 at Intercontinental Hotel in a bid to launch its new web portal and a child day care center established as per the second national human rights action plan of the country. The commission has also presented its investigation and monitoring manuals with the view to collecting inputs from stake holders. The workshop was attended by Honorable House Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives Ato Abadula Gemeda, and representatives drawn from the federal government and non-governmental, democratic and religious institution.

In his opening speech; Honorable House Speaker of the House Ato Abadula Gemeda said that the Ethiopian Human Right Commission was one of the national institutions mandated by the constitution to oversight the implementations of fundamental human rights and freedoms as provided for in the FDRE constitution.

He further said that in order to enhance its institutional capacity,the Commission has produced its investigation and monitoring manuals. He also made mention that  the  setting of the new web portal was also worth having that it can enhance the promotion and information exchange regarding human rights issues between the commission and the society at large.

The honorable house speaker added that the commission has indeed demonstrated an exemplary undertaking to set up a child day care center with in its building as per the second national human rights action plan of the country.He also said that the commission should take upon itself the responsibility of monitoring other institutions in implementing such a day care in their institutions and other human rights issues included in the second national human rights action plan.

Dr. Addisu Gebreigziabher Chief Commissioner of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission; on his part said that for the commission to expand its accessibility further; it has come up with a new web portal in addition to its free hotline telephone services.

The Chief Commissioner also said in order to lessen the burden of the female employees, the commission has portioned in its building a day care for kids' aged 6 months to 3 years as per the second national human rights action plan. According to the chief commissioner, the establishment of the day care center enables female employees of the commission to look after their babies on the sides of their office work on one hand, to further realize women's and children rights.

The chief commissioner also said that the introduction of the monitoring and investigation manuals in the commission was of great importance; moreover, such manuals can also bring about transparency and the needed public participation; he added.

Speaking on the establishment of the child day care center, Her Excellency W/o Ubah Mohammed, Children's and Women's Affairs Commissioner said that women in the country in general and in the commission in particular usually find it difficult to deal with their newly born child and their work simultaneously; and are often are forced to leave their work place for good.  To address the problem Her Excellency W/o Ubah said that the government has included in its second national human rights action plan to set up such centers in government institutions.  And added it was for this reason that the commission has to take the lead in setting up such a center. 

Participants have forwarded their comments and suggestions on thenew web portal andthe day care center and theinvestigation and monitoring manuals of the commission. Many have commended the commissions for such efforts. They said that the preparation of such new web portal and the establishment of the child day care center was a precedent setting move.

The participants have however expressed concern over the sustainability of the web portal and the day care center. They suggest that there should be a task force or a mechanism dedicated totheir sustainability.

In response to the participants' concerns and comments, His Excellency Ato Eshet Gebre, Deputy Chief Commissioner of the commission, said that there were responsible directorates in the commission for the oversight of the day to day activities the web portal and the child day care center. His Excellency Ato Eshet also added that the commissionwas also considering to further strengthen the respective directorates in terms of manpower and facilities.

The Chief Commissioner in his closing remark, appreciating the participants' constructive comments on the two manuals; said; in one interested to come up with additional comments and suggestions is most welcome with in the coming ten days.  


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