Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Mekele Branch

 Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Mekele Branch Commissioner's

Colonel Saba Teka Abera,

Place of Birth: Temben ,Tigray

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law ( LLB)
  • Master's Art Degree in International Law in 2009.

Work Experience

  • Colonel Saba had been a militant and served in various capacities in the fight against the "Derge" regime (1976- May 1991).
  • Shortly after independence, expert on information control at the Data and Computer Center with the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense (1992-1994).
  • Judge of Military Court and Defense Lawyer of the Ministry of Defense. (1997-2001)
  • Head of Law Department, Ministry of Defense  (Dec 2001- Sep.2002)
  • Head of Ethics and Anti Corruption Department at the Ministry of Defence from Oct.2002- oct 2007.
  •  Manager of the R.D Teka Senior Citizens Care and Support Association.
  • Director of Women and Children Affairs and Representative of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission; Mekele Branch (2012-2015).

Complain Complain

Call 888  follow the Instruction then

Press 1  for government organizations ,then

Press 2 for non ministry offices, then

Press 8 for Ethiopian Human Rights Commission