African Child Day

Commission stresses need to work harder in promoting the rights of children under difficult circumstances

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2017 (EHRC) Chief commissioner of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission; Dr. Addisu Gebreigzabhier said that it was the profound conviction of the commission  that the participation of the public in general and of children in particular is vital for the creation of a prosperous nation  where human rights are fully respected and guaranteed.

The chief commissioner made the remark while opening a gathering convened to observe African Children's Day on 19 June 2017 at Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) assembly hall under the theme: << Everyone is responsible in respecting human rights of children under difficult circumstances! >>. The event was attended by various concerned participants including students drawn from 8 schools in Addis, 7 children that have been provided support by the Commission, children who have been receiving support from a local charity known as  Tukuret lesetoch ina Hitsanat.  

In his opening remark H.E Dr. Addisu Gebreigzabhier indicating that the commission has been established according to article 55/14 of the constitution and mandated to carry out awareness programs including the publications in vernacular languages of international human right instruments which have been translated into local vernaculars by the commission, children rights convention and African child rights ; monitoring and conducting investigations into human rights violations, noted that it has been undertaking a number of other activities with special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children and women using its structures across the country.  

The commissioner further noted that supporting children who are under difficult circumstances is crucial in the promotion of the respect of their human rights and to this end the commission has been providing monetary support to 7 children since 2015 by raising 1 percent of its employees' monthly salaries.

In her welcoming speech Women's and Children's Affairs Commissioner H.E W/ro Ubah Mehammed stated that this year's theme of the African Child Day was framed in relation to the commission's mission. She noted that the commission has been committed to promoting the respect of human rights of children under difficult circumstances by undertaking monitoring, investigations and other activities.

H.E W/ro Ubah added that in making schools suitable places for awareness creation regarding human rights, the commission had published books for school children in simpler languages and dispatched them to various schools of the country. This has been on top of the dispatch of CD copies of children songs and other electronics materials in a bid to strengthen human rights clubs in schools; she added.

A paper on children's rights as provided for in the Ethiopian constitution, African Child Rights Charter and on the recommendations given to Ethiopia regarding children on 4th and 5th universal periodic review reports were presented and discussed during the event.

A Q-and-A competition was also held among students and winners had according to their ranks been awarded with school bags and dictionaries. On hand on the occasion was a choir singing on the themes of child trafficking, child abuse, and children's education and health rights.



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